How To Choose the Best Thread Count for Your Bed Sheet?

How To Choose the Best Thread Count for Your Bed Sheet?

How To Choose the Best Thread Count for Your Bed Sheet?

There is nothing happier than jumping on a bed covered with high-quality sheets. High-quality bed sheets ensure a good night’s sleep; therefore, the quality should not be compromised on. Customers believe that a high-quality bed sheet with a higher thread count can help make the bed more comfortable.

So, what is the Thread Count?

Thread count is defined as the number of threads in one square inch of fabric, and is usually used to measure the quality of bed sheets. This is the number of threads woven in the fabric horizontally and vertically. To increase the thread count, weave more threads into one square inch of fabric.

The Myth Of “The Higher The Number Of Threads, The Better The Sheets”:

When choosing the right bed sheet, people will consider the fabric thread count. This is entirely due to myths fabricated by bedding manufacturers starting as a marketing plan. These manufacturers began to twist 2-3 weaker threads together to increase the thread count. They claim that higher line counts equate to “higher quality” in order to increase sales and sell their products at unreasonably higher prices. This kind of marketing plan is so ingrained among consumers that the number of lines is now one of the main factors to consider when buying new bedding.

Disadvantages Of High Thread Count:

A higher thread count does not necessarily mean better quality; there is an optimal position to target. A thread count that is too low will cause the fabric to be not soft enough, but a thread count that is too high will cause the fabric to become too hard or too rough. A higher thread count may cause the following problems instead of improving the quality of the paper;

Optimal Number Of Threads:

So, is there a number of threads that can really improve the quality of bedding? For percale beddings, thread count between 200 and 300 is ideal. For sateen sheets, looking for sheets with thread count between 300 and 600. Sheets with a higher thread count will not always improve the quality of the bedding, but will make the sheets heavier and possibly rougher. When there are more threads, they must be woven tightly, which results in a smaller space between the threads. The smaller the space between the threads, the less airflow, which reduces the breathability of the fabric unless very thin threads are used, such as those made of 100% extra-long staple combed cotton. With 300-400 thread count beddings, you can achieve the perfect softness, comfort and luxury that your body needs to rest.


Post time: Feb-15-2023