What Matters When You Buy Hotel Sheets?

What Matters When You Buy Hotel Sheets?

What Matters When You Buy Hotel Sheets?

The number of thread count was used as a measure of quality in the past. Higher in thread count means higher quality. But now the index has changed.
Good quality Bed Sheets made from high thread count, but the most matters is the thread. In fact, a high quality fiber sheet with lower thread count feels softer and has better wash resistance than a low quality fiber sheet with high thread count.


CVC bed sheets are less wrinkled, durable and much cheaper. But if you want cool and soft feel of bed sheet, then 100% cotton is the best choice. 100% cotton bed sheet remains dry when you wake up. All types of cotton have these excellent properties, but long-fiber cotton makes the bed sheet significantly softer and willn’t get fluff than the short fiber.



Weaving methods affect the feel, appearance, longevity, and price for the bed sheet. A basic plain weave fabric made with an equal number of warp and weft threads is the cheaper and may not be seen in the label. Percal is a high-quality plain weave structure of 180 count or more, which is known for its long life and crisp texture.
Sateen weaves more vertical than horizontal yarns. The higher the ratio of vertical threads, the softer the fabric will be, but it will be more susceptible to pilling and tearing than plain weave. Delicate weaves such as jacquard and damask give the perfect feel and their patterns alternate from soft to satin to rough. They are as durable as plain weave fabrics, but they are made on a special loom and are much more expensive.


Most boards are chemically treated (including chlorine, formaldehyde and silicon) to prevent board shrinkage, deformation and wrinkles. Depending on the alkali treatment, it gives a gloss.
Some manufacturers offer pure veneers. That is, no chemicals are used or all traces of chemicals used in the manufacturing process have been removed. Keeping these sheets free of wrinkles is difficult, but worth it if you have allergies or chemical hypersensitivity.


Patterns and colors are usually applied to the paper after weaving. This means that the paper may cure until you wash it several times. The softest colored or patterned sheets, including jacquard fabrics, are made from a fabric of colored threads and woven from the colored threads.

Thread Count

There is no best thread count of bed sheet. According to the budget, the target number of thread count is 400-1000.
The maximum thread count you can find in market is 1000. Exceeding this number is not needed and is usually of poor quality. This is because the manufacturer uses a thinner cotton cloth to fill as many threads as possible, thereby increasing the number of layers or the single thread that is twisted together.
The maximum thread count for single bed sheets is 600. In many cases these tables are cheaper than 800 threads. It is relatively soft, but generally less durable. However, it keeps you cool during the warmer months.
Most hotel bed sheets using their thread count in 300 or 400, this does not necessarily mean lower quality. In fact, a 300TC or 400TC made of high quality fabric can feel as soft as the high thread count, or even softer.

Post time: Feb-15-2023